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No one can see into the future, but you can create your own.

What do you want your future to look like?

We believe that you deserve a future filled with happiness, purpose, success and belonging. We believe that challenges are there to be broken through, and that aspiration and ambition should not be constrained.

Most importantly, we believe in you and the future you will go on to achieve. From this belief, we have built WG Futures – a totally different way to help you achieve the future you want.

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The future is happening now!

WG Futures has begun and you can see for yourself some of the amazing experiences and opportunities that are available. Check out just some of the short videos below.

Let’s give you a real relationship with your future

One you have registered on WG Futures, your pathway to the future really starts to take shape. We want you to be ambitious but will also offer you expert advice; we want you to be brave but will also be there to support every step of the way; and we want you to be proud of the future you create, because we truly believe in you.

Endless inspiration and experiences to kick start your ambition and energise you to achieve the future you want.

Real contact with employers through work experience, extended placements and internship opportunities.

A focus on helping you understand the skills you possess and how these will help you into your chosen career.

Futures Stewards – dedicated and experienced people who will help you make successful steps into your first job and beyond.

Thousands of live jobs - access to real opportunities with the very best employers, of all sizes, across all sectors.

Team player, great communicator, master planner?

Do you really know how good you are and, more importantly, do you know how great you could become? Well you are soon going to find out and through gaining skills badges your potential future employers will soon know how great you are too!

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GetMyFirstJob Apprenticeship Partners

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Apprenticeships with Meggitt | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with PwC | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Virgin Media | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Vodafone | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Optionis | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Center Parcs | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Channel 4 | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Microsoft | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with AQA | GetMyFirstJob
Apprenticeships with Chubb | GetMyFirstJob
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